There are lots of ads out there saying they can do your marketing for you, but what are you really getting? Do you still need to spend time working with their cookie cutter templates? Oooo. Cookie Cutter, probably not the best option if you want to stand out. Be cautious of contracts, once you are locked in, you are paying no matter what. It compounds with more problems if their services don’t specifically fit your needs. Unless you pay for a higher level that has the service you want and ten more you don’t.


Be Unique

At Sharp Society Marketing, we look at your company and ask what makes you unique. We make sure your customer knows what is special about you. We strive to create a signature look that is singularly your brand.


Hire a Marketer with No Contracts

We believe you will want to stay, because you want to not because we made you. SSM is first hand. You talk with us. We are heels on the ground. We work at your location to understand and capture the experience you offer.


Service Built For You

Sharp Society Marketing works to understand your needs and builds a plan for you. We evaluate and listen to give the best strategy to amplify your voice. We often see social media pages with posts that are vying for engagement, but have nothing to do with the brand. We see companies disappointed that their website saw 200 people visit on a given day instead of a 1000. We are not just here to help create traffic and push messaging, but give straight talk too. If two hundred people were in your store at once would you be upset? Would it be weird to tell them about the new dance craze once you had their attention instead of your specials today. 


Hire Marketer that Keeps Perspective

We saw a need and decided to offer our services. The Sharp Perspective is a free service that gives insight into not just what we do, but why we do it. Social Media is not a job for a teenager that knows how to hit “post”. Making sure your message goes out by press release, print ad, and digital ad all while making sure you are spending properly takes strategy. You have your business to run and you are good at it, but time is not infinite. SSM is ready to help.